"I found Walter to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of probate and estate law -- the subject matter for which he served as an expert witness. He was also very responsive to my questions and any assistance I needed on my case." James Robert Krause, Esq., Friedman & Feiger, LLP

"I was pleased to hire Walter in a breach of fiduciary duty case to testify concerning reasonable attorney fees charged by an executor/attorney. He testified at trial and his testimony was instrumental in obtaining a favorable verdict for my clients. In another similar circumstance, I will call Walter again." David Pyke, Pyke & Associates, P.C.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services for disputes involving estate planning, probate, and breach of fiduciary duty, whether during a trust administration or estate administration, and disputes regarding attorney's fees in those contexts. Services can be rendered either as a consulting or testifying expert, and include the following:

Evaluation of claims

Consulting with trial counsel regarding substantive issues

Consulting with trial counsel regarding trial strategy

Trial testimony

Services reflect extensive experience in both academic and practice contexts, thus bring a more comprehensive view to bear than that offered by those whose primary experience is in one context or another.

Services reflect Walter’s extensive experience as both a full-time law school faculty member teaching related subjects, and his practice including both sophisticated, complex estate planning, the administration of such plans, and lead counsel litigating breach of fiduciary duty claims in trust and probate matters where planning has gone awry. He brings a more comprehensive view to bear than that offered by those whose primary experience is in only one of those roles.