Fees and Basis of Representation

It is the policy of the firm to have a definite agreement regarding fees prior to beginning work.

We charge a fixed-fee of $300 for the initial consultation with the client. During the initial consultation, we take sufficient time to understand the facts related the potential client’s problem (insofar as they are known), provide the client with a preliminary understanding of their legal situation, and provide our preliminary recommendations regarding how to proceed. We also discuss the basis upon which we would accept representation should the client choose to proceed with further work.

For limited-scope, fixed-fee engagements, the agreement may be oral. For such agreements, typically one-half of the agreed upon fee is due at the time the firm is engaged, and one-half is due at the time services are complete (for simple estate planning engagements, this means when documents are signed).

For all other engagements, we enter into a written agreement with the client setting out the scope of the work to be done and the basis upon which fees will be computed.

Where the client has sufficient resources, we work on an hourly basis. This is typically the most cost-effective basis of representation for the client. When working on an hourly basis, the firm generally requires a deposit to cover the work expected for the initial billing period, plus a reserve. Statements are rendered monthly. If not paid as agreed, we reserve the right to terminate representation.

Where the client does not have sufficient resources for us to work on an hourly basis and we believe the case has merit, we work on a contingent-fee basis. When such an agreement is offered, it is tailored to the particular case based on the complexity of the case, the amount in controversy, and amount of work expected.

We always want our clients to clearly understand our fees for representation. We are happy to discuss questions, the work done, and amount of fees at any time.